Commercial design encompasses spaces that are not for private residential use. To save a lot of waffling on, Interiors by Steven G has a brilliant blog article on Commercial design and the differences between this and Residential design.  Here, I will discuss Commercial design categories, and other important information.

Categories of Commercial Design

Multi –Residential

Apartments and complexes, particularly residential spaces that are independent of individual private owners or moderated by a body corporate. Multi- residential involves many stakeholders.


Bars, restaurants, cafes, fast food areas, food courts, motels, hotels, inns, resorts, cruise ships, casinos, nightclubs, function rooms

Entertainment and Recreation

Theatres, cinemas, auditorium, music venues, concert halls, opera houses, dance halls, pools, sport halls

Healthcare and Wellness

Hospitals, medical clinics, psychiatric facilities, treatment and rehabilitation facilities, asylums, assisted living facilities, laboratories, gyms, sports venues, health clubs, spas, salons, veterinary clinics, animal shelters


Kindergartens, daycare centres, schools, universities, libraries, aquariums, zoos, visitor centres, museums, science centres

Institutional, Corporate or Office

Government offices, banks, credit unions, prisons, correctional facilities, offices


Churches, mosques, temples, synagogues, chapels, monasteries, prayer rooms, cemeteries, crematoriums, crypts, mausoleums


Museums, galleries, exhibition spaces


Shop fronts, shopping centres, arcades, department and specialty stores, showrooms, boutiques, pop ups


Airports, stadiums, embassies, town halls, courthouses, law enforcement areas, emergency services areas


Categorising clusters of commercial outlets is not only useful when preparing a design brief to target the design requirements to more specific end user criteria; but is also a 'good design' solution.


I enjoyed aspects of Commercial design, however wouldn't consider it my favourite.  If I were to undertake projects in the Commercial design sector, I would best suit art galleries, exhibitions, museums and a bar or cafe.  Heritage buildings also suit.