Tina Johnas from Elle T. Interior Design - October 2018

As part of my final unit in Interior Design & Decoration with Martin College I was asked to interview an Interior Designer (of course).  I initially started with an email to Jillian Harris of Love it or List it fame, however as she was about to begin maternity leave for the second time (resulting in Miss Annie), Shay advised she was not taking any interviews.  Which was totally fine.  So I decided not to chance fate again, with the others you see on the big screen and opted for someone local.  Of course I didn't know any, so I did what any prospective designer would do... I Googled them!   Scrolling through the many names and companies I fell blank.  I still didn't know who they were; let alone which one I should choose, so I decided upon a different approach.  If I didn't know an actual Interior Designer or Interior Design Company, I would choose someone online.  So that's when I came across e-Design.  Not a term I had learnt about during my studies, I decided I needed to know more, so chose a company that held their work to a high degree and sent them an email asking if I could interview one of them (there were 3).  To my surprise, I received an email from Tina Johnas of Elle T. Interior Design, and from there forwarded her a set of questions which were both required for the Assessment, and other questions I made up myself.  Her responses are as follows:


The interview continues below with supplementary questions..


The interview wraps up, with me thanking Tina via email and hoping for a great grade! (which I got..)

The interview also gave me insight into what type of Interior Design I wanted to pursue; essentially one that balances motherhood and that of a carer to achieve my goals.  For now, a fantastic interview, fantastic people and food for thought..