Design Industry information and new developments - Part 3

Vogue is synonymous with stylish fashion and has been a hugely successful publication for decades. Everyone who is anyone in the fashion world agrees, that when you want to find out the latest in fashion, beauty, culture, living, current and future projects and of course runway sensations, Vogue is the go to place (short of attending or being invited to these functions yourself of course!). Their success over the decades has been through blood, sweat and minimal tears; diligent reporters carefully sifting through the various array of fashion houses, textile manufacturers and the like for all of the latest gossip, in order to find out what the next season's trends are likely to be. The following from Miles Redd, American Interior Designer based in the BIG Apple, aka New York City:
“...Marie Antoinette said the only thing that is new is what has been forgotten, and trends are tied to that thought: something that has been forgotten that is being enjoyed again...”
(Redd, Miles, n.d.).
Aside from the trends, which I will come back to shortly, there is so much to see and do in the world of Vogue that they've also added videos on their site, subscriptions to their magazine (naturally) and of course, an online shopping experience specifically designed for the little people of the world with some small but mainly moderate to big budgets.
Their website is a joy to navigate around; and their magazine is equal to the task, immersing the reader into their world, into the world of the fashion industry, which for many is a dream. Whilst their online magazine appears hectic with many areas to choose from and things to see, that's the beauty of it all, to take you from the pages of the magazine and immerse yourself into the reality and day-to-day lives of the models, photographers and fashion industry as if you were there. Sounds a lot like the Bold and The Beautiful but REAL. This makes the world of difference compared to the 'normal' magazine, and considering their experience, one you would expect to see. Their website is modern, hip, and very on-trend, just like the content itself. Everything is easily navigated and packed full of the must-see pages every girl and guy longs for. And they're professional too, with further content on a side bar full of information, from how to contact them, press, accessibility help, subscriptions, digital editions, Vogue Worldwide, reprints/permissions, media kits, careers, CONDÉ NAST DIGITAL, a dedicated magazine customer service and a sitemap. Don't forget the social media! They're on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, but that's not all! You can access the Vogue app as well!! All this whilst maintaining your privacy.
VERY impressive.
But anyway, back to their article on trends:
“...16 Interior Design Predictions for 2018 (And What’s on Its Way out)..”
(Van Zanten, Virginia, 2017 for Vogue Magazine).
According to various Interior Designers in VIrginia Van Zanten's article, there are a number of out-goings such as the removal of (say it isn't so!!!!) SUBWAY TILES (NO!!!), gray|beige and greige colours, decorated spaces, industrial chic and millenium pink, chandeliers, mid-century modern styling and the use of black and white anything.
There is a LOT of incoming predicted, from chintz -florals and colours of turquoise|apple green|shocking pink to use on walls|window treatments|furnishings, to curated spaces - where a series of collected objects are used as decor; to the use of green|earthy ochre-y yellow tones - and some things the 70's forgot to burn (not a big fan of the colour but if the client wants, the client shall receive!); to the return of bright and clear colours other than green and yellow, patterns and wallpapers|lacquered|gilded|plastered ceilings; to the return of traditional designs - antiques, traditional brown furnishings and printed fabrics; to cotton velvets, to handmade ceramics, to tropical vibe patterns to wood marquetry, tassel fringing; to ceramic tile backsplashes in a variety of colours and sizes including squares; to timelessly classic kitchens with a moodier, more sultry and darker appeal; to maximising space in homes and apartments by converting the dining room into a library or media room; to great lighting through the use of pendants.
Now we understand the reasons behind why Vogue is best. Right?