Design Industry information and new developments - Part 1

TLC Interiors
Australian website TLC Interiors was founded by Interior Designer Chris Carroll in 2018*, and is a blog dedicated to help YOU, the budding interior decorator/renovator to:
“...create your dream interior (with ease, fun and affordability in mind, of course!)..”
(Carrol, Chris from TLC Interiors 2018).
Chris admittedly lives and breathes interior design and decorating 24/7, which shows if you have a look through the his blog. It is literally like stepping into the pages of a popular interior design magazine; it is beautifully presented, with monochrome colours making it easy to navigate and it's packed full of informative pages on the latest homewares and furniture, latest interior trends and inspiration, decorating tips, home tours, lifestyle and an impressive navigational system at the top of the page to not only get to know about Chris and his portfolio, but to also book his services whilst looking at his blog and the latest newsletter emailed to your inbox weekly. Each page he has written, each blog post he discusses, has links to the various retail industries that stock them, and related images that would make anyone envious enough to want to begin their own renovation.
His latest blog piece, Top 5 Australian Interior Design Trends for 2018, has information not even I would have been prepared for. I admittedly have not heard of some of these lates trends, and some are very Australian. From Brohemian, YES, I did say BRO-HEMIAN to Australiana to Romance, Fashionista and Minimal Calm; each trend details how to rock the style, and the links to find them as seen in the images within his blog. If the forthcoming trends are anything to go by, then timeless elegance combined with a little good mayhem is approaching! I just love these trends!
Away from the website but still inter-connected through it, he is on social media network sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and has a book entitled 'Sydney Precincts' for sale at Dymocks.
Overall, an excellent website blog for eveyone's renovation needs.