Design Industry information and new developments - Part 2

Brosa has been around for a while, and has no issues when it comes to stating where they are located:
“...Brosa is proudly founded and based in Australia..”
(Brosa, 2018).
Brosa: the chic name for a company that sells furniture for the bedroom, living room, dining and kitchen, outdoor area and home office, along with home decor pieces. Not uncommon, but what makes Brosa stand out from the crowd is how they sell the furniture.
They came together out of a consumer backlash with the 'normal' furniture companies, and taking this desire to change the furniture industry for the better, they decided to dump the inflated costs of markups, importers and wholesalers of those 'other' furniture companies, and opt for a completely in-house team that manages the Brosa brand. So they created a website to deliver practical design-led furniture without an inflated price tag or middle man.
To me, their website is a modern take on other high-end stores such as Nick Scali and Plush; with everything laid out as it should be for ease of navigation, and in tones that match their logo and personality. What I don't particularly love is their small typography, as it is really hard to view for those with sight issues, and having to zoom in is not a good thing if you want to remain discreet. However, their website is packed full of informative pages on the latest homewares and furniture, with articles on the latest interior trends and inspiration and full navigation at the bottom of their site for all the things you really want to know about - how Brosa started! The goss, their design ethos, workshops on offer, the making of their furniture, who makes their furniture and what materials go into their products. As if this wasn't enough, there's a separate Help section in case you want to contact them, track an order, return an order or request a refund, find out about shipping and delivery or request interest free finance. They have it all!!! But that's not all.. they also offer services such as FREE fabric samples, assembly guides, express dispatch (within 2 days), new designs,, sales and a full support centre for those IT and shopping glitches. You can even shop via their Instagram page! And if that wasn't enough, you can also connect with them through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and their blog whilst searching for Brosa jobs on offer and any media enquiries should you be interested. All this whilst maintaining your privacy.
Now that's a lot, and quite impressive to say the least.
Whilst trends are not the be all and end all of the furniture industry, having them assists designers to create unique pieces that you can utilise in a number of ways within and outside of your home or business. Which is why their article on 2018 trends is so relevant to what their brand is about. So with that, comes the following:
“...The 2018 Interior Design Trends You Need To Know..”
(Brosa, 2018).
Experts say that there are a number of existing colour hues that will continue to be “in”. Three are on their way “out”. And two 'maybe's' that you can still get away with - just. Aside from these, there are a lot of incoming trends to look forward to, and we should welcome them into our lives. These are (and more can be seen on their website):
  • Plants and vegetation are the new must-have. Small plants, singular and exotic are going to dominate the landscape.
  • Palettes will continue to be a popular look. Although, unlike other years, people will lean toward worked palettes and a professional touch, rather than a DIY outlook.
  • There will be a growing desire to reconnect with nature. Pantone’s colour of the year confirmed this trend.
  • Wood will be widely used, a counterbalance to the sleek, futuristic feel of the last 4 years. 
  • The natural look will be highlighted by marble and small amounts of plexiglass.
  • In the masculine section, the Nineties are back. Velvet, leather, tartans and geometric shapes will be the linchpin used to decorate most man caves.
  • Deconstructed luxe will be the ubiquitous look of most modern and young living and bedrooms. In contrast to the hi-gloss and super shiny metallic look that’s become a standard in most tech-heavy homes, 2018 will have continued nods to the industrialism feel of the late 80s. Think Berlin before the fall of the Wall or Nirvana’s Seattle. Look for thick exposed brickwork, the use of cement, and raw, natural materials.
  • We all want to adapt our homes to our lifestyles. Tablets, smartphones, and an intelligent house will be what every client will ask from their designer.
  • Brass will triumph over copper. Marble will always be in. Ceramics, meanwhile, will fade from sight.
  • Wood will be the main material used for decoration. A slick, polished, super smooth wood will be the encompassing material used to mesh everything together.
  • Velvet sofas and armchairs will be everywhere, especially in more female-friendly homes.
  • For those in constant search of a more Caribbean atmosphere, pineapples and flamingos will be replaced by sawgrass, parrots and the occasional bamboo.
  • Typography will be increasingly used. For example, you may see a framed art piece with the word “EAT” over the stove in a kitchen. 
  • Fringing will increasingly show up on everything from pillows to blankets to small furniture. Even curtains are a possibility.
  • Although this will be a pricier trend, we should expect to start seeing more iridescents such as lucite being used. 
These sound awesome! I personally look forward to what is still yet to come in 2018. Brosa, you know style! Keep up the great work with furniture and trends.
I know I'll shop there!