Knauf is a company I had never heard of let alone researched before, so when researching information for this case study I came across some pretty impressive statitstics, the least of which is that they are the manufacturing leaders in environmentally sustainable plasterboard right here in Australia!

This isn't surprising considering they are a large company with plasterboard manufacturing facilities across Sydney, Melbourne and Central Queensland; a compound manufacturing in Victoria; metal profile lines in Brisbane, over 220 employees and a national distribution network comprising company owned stores, Plastamasta Franchises and independent distributors; and are a major supplier to the lightweight construction industry and a one-stop-shop for a complete wall framing solution.

Knauf host a quality range of products and systems from wall/ceiling/acoustic linings to ceiling tiles, cornices, compounds/ plasters, metal profiles, primers/sealants and many accessories to match; designed for performance provide solutions for fire, water, sound and impact resistance, as well as space-giving, air-cleaning, acoustic and aesthetic design for all commercial and residential construction projects.

Knauf's innovative lightweight construction systems include Australia's first carbon neutra plasterboard, steel framing systems for walls and ceilings, decorative, acoustic and air cleaning wall & ceiling linings, facade linings and plaster finishing compounds and accessories for internal applications.

I guess you could say they are the plasterboard masters! PLUS! Knauf ensure customers that all of their products are the best in environmental sustainability.

Their website alone is extensively sourced with fact sheets and information to the degree they don't hide anything - they are completely transparent in everything they do, including routinely monitor and analyse their environmental performance to minimise the environmental impact of their activities, products and services. To this end, environmental management actions at Knauf focus on three areas: energy efficiency and carbon emissions, water conservation and waste management.

There is so much more I could discuss, for I'm truly impressed by what they do, however as it is extensive I would suggest you visit and read through their documentation, located on the downloads page of their website. You won't regret it! Keep them in mind for your next project. They rival any other plasterboard on the market. Now that I know of their existence, I believe I will keep their details on hand.

Thanks for your time!