Like countless others, I am drawn to ancient history and to uncovering my ancestral roots.  I believe my fascination began when one of my many cousins decided to research the family tree and publish her findings.   Some of her findings were a little vague | incorrect or just off, so I decided to research and publish my own findings, which took years to complete but the results were amazing!

I uncovered that I was of course Australian as I was born in this wonderful part of the world; and also:

Ancient Egyptian, Spanish, French, Irish, Celtic/Gaelic Irish, British, Scottish, Austrian, American, New Caledonian, Hawaiian and Japanese. 

A bitsa and proud of it.  However, simply knowing this was still not enough to satisfy my curiosity.  Why was I Ancient Egyptian?  Why was I Japanese?  There had to be more.. another way of finding out.  Sadly, at this stage, there was nothing I could do but wait for the technology to play catch up.

Nothing that was, until these DNA tests came along!

My first was with Ancestry DNA, which purely focussed on genealogical research, but it wasn't until Living DNA came along that I truly understood the workings of DNA.  Their tests focussed on mtDNA (Mitochondrial DNA) aka motherline testing or YDNA for males, offering haplogroups and subclades - names I had never heard of before, but soon grew to love!  Receiving my haplogroup and subclade of K2b1a came with a whole world of discovery and many, MANY people with the same passion for discovery.  But as wonderful as Living DNA was, I saw a lot of people with all of these weird codes that I knew I had to uncover myself, so undertook my final lot of DNA tests through the Family Tree DNA test (FTDNA).

The results are astounding, and I am still trying to uncover the many codes that make up me.

The big difference between Living DNA and Family Tree DNA is that FTDNA go the extra mile.  My haplogroup is still the same, yet my subclade has the additional number of 3, making me K2b1a3.. along with so many codes to research! Fun times ahead, but no doubt well worth the effort in finding out where my ancestral roots truly come from, and I encourage everyone to have these tests.

I even created an artwork based around my migrational and known results as seen below.  If you would like to see my results, go to the next page - DNA Tests, otherwise enjoy the artwork below, or read a little more about who I am.

Typographical Cultural DNA Wall Hanging WATERMARKED VERSION
My Father in Me

Hi! Gday! Aloha! Siyo! Fáilte!

My name is Lehonani Bryyane McEchaidh, a South Sea Polynesian Islander Cherokee who is  a mother, carer and artisan with many cultures flowing through my veins.  I graduated from a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration in November 2018 and a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) in 2015.  Drawing and textiles are a passion, and whilst I do each separately, I am about to embark on a cultural fusion in both.  And speaking of fusion, the image you see to the left is of my father merged with my own image, wolf clan and Celtic art representing my Irish ancestry.  I am my father's daughter.

Having a Diploma in Interior Design ultimately means I am able to hep decorate and build floor plans and rooms for people.  My ultimate goal would be to house the homeless and low income earners into tiny homes, whilst decorating the world with art all at once.

As an artisan, I love drawing, textile design, surface pattern design, website design, printmaking and sculpture; and for over twenty (20) years, have also spent my time working in the area of graphic design.  In my spare time I love to cook, watch TV, spend time with my children and stay healthy.

My mana is in my culture; I identify as a South Sea Islander, Polynesian and Cherokee.  The wolf is my spirit animal and my clan and my home is where my family are at.  I decided to combine my cultural names into one group; for ease and for something a little different to get people talking!

Thank you for dropping by; and please take a look around at the site and where I sell artwork.  Interior Design work is not featured on here as yet; I'm still working out the finer details of how I would like to do things in this area, but please check back at any stage to see what's happening! Click on the Follow My Tribe button in the footer for the latest in discounts and news!

Wado! (Thank you!)