My mother is a Black Irish and had dark skin growing up; my father was Cherokee.  Quite a dark combination, until your daughter is born and inherits her ancestors more 'white' side with her fair skin, blonde wavy hair and hazel green eyes.  Now older, my hair is a lot darker and curly and my eyes green.  My pale skin has a scattering of freckles and I look like a mirror image of my father.  As mentioned on the 1=Many page, my father wanted me to find my own path, and I guess that's exactly what I am doing now.  I acknowledge and respect all the people that helped me become the person I am today, and acknowledge my Cherokee enisi (paternal grandmother) for giving me my nickname at birth.  I try to live my life according Cherokee and Islander ways, and I thank the spirits for the gift of life that was given to me.  Especially fry bread and corn.  I love these two things!  There is still much to learn and pass on to my children, so they can become the people they want to be throughout their journey.  I will leave you with the following ..


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