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Lehonani B. McEchaidh (that's me!) is a mother and carer of two, an artist, designer, author, perfectionist, with a love of family, cooking, music, classic movies, literature, animal protection, peace and harmony for all.  I guess you could also call me old school, as I don't like my or my children's photos plastered over the internet for everyone to see or steal for that matter, so you will not ever see them on here or any of my websites in their natural form.

I created this site as an info centre for the things I love doing, as well as a space I see everyone can come to and learn as well as have fun.

There are a few differences you may notice to begin with.. in the 'usual' menu, I have also added 'The Collective Soul', a Tumblr site based around my poetic Instagram account, whilst the other additions are culturally based in name and/or content; 'One Laorchra Aisling' is also a Tumblr site about the many premonitions I have through dreams which always come true, whilst under the 'Mana (Home)' tab, I've created a 'Culture and Heritage' tab, which will list quite a lot of information pertaining to my background, as well as other juicy things including recipes under the tab 'Traditions'.

Now a little more about my achievements..

In March 2016 I graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts), something I never thought I would do but completed it!  I have a Diploma of Design (Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design) and have used my Graphic Design skills for the past 20+ years, and also have various certificates not relating to art or design over the course of 30+ years.

Dad in Me

I am also currently undertaking a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration, with the hope of either self-employment or in-house employment designing home interiors for everyone, especially those less fortunate at the conclusion of studies.  I may even delve into the world of Interior Architecture (further study though..)  After I graduate, I would be interested in any job from cartography (just the colouring part) to writing to researching and typing up client reports and publications, or creating SketchUp designs.  With coding experience, I can also create websites!

On a final note, the image above is of me  morphed with an image of my father.  If you notice, there are separate fine lines - it's all in the lines - which determine the shape of where I am in this image, but I am definitely my father's daughter - just without the moustache and masculinity!  I am also a spiritual person, and one night my spirit animal came to me in my dreams, and to my surprise it was a wolf, which I am thoroughly okay with, so this is also displayed on the photo.

Browse, read, buy or leave! The choice is yours, but enjoy your time here and I'll catch up with you all soon.

Aloha xo


From Graphic Design, Web Design and Interior Design, I have you covered.  I have achieved a lot over my working career thus far, with over 20 years of Graphic Design experience and a passion for art. I have designed for Government Departments, Theatre Companies, Mobile Phone Companies, Real Estate Agents, Friends, Family, published several books including a short story and hopes that YOU, the general public, major corporation or small business have the confidence in ME undertaking any job requested knowing it will be completed IN FULL, ON TIME and AT THE HIGHEST QUALITY. Take a look at some of the work I've completed over the years by clicking on the heading above.


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E'Mana Lier Designs

Day 9 of my Celtic Ogham Oracle Cards. Today, the letter C - Coll/Call - Hazel Tree through the card front, back and meanings. All created by me!
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